Basement TRY.BE is a non-profit, youth leadership organization targeting teenagers between the ages of 13-17 years who are in need of extra support and guidance.

Our mission is to take urban youth off of the streets and provide a safe environment where they can learn to use their creativity to build opportunities and hope where none seems to exist. Our goal is to inspire youth to be better than they were yesterday by expressing themselves artistically and developing life skills that will enable them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Basement TRY.BE currently meets every Sunday from 2-6pm at the SelfMade Designs studio. Our 20-week program:

  • Exposes the kids to various mediums of art;
  • Offers free, round-trip transportation from members' homes to the SelfMade Designs studio;
  • Serves warm, healthy meals which are enjoyed together as a team;
  • Provides the materials needed to bring their ideas to life.

Throughout the week, we make an effort to keep in contact with our students and engage them through one-on-one mentoring. At the half-way point of the program, the kids choose an individual project to work on with a goal of presenting it at a fundraising event. The kids work together to curate this event, manage a budget, and market it via social media. All proceeds from the event go toward funding the following semester's program and supporting the next wave of students.

our goal

Our ultimate goal is to expand Basement TRY.BE's weekly classes into a five-day, after-school program with transportation included.

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