Basement TRY.BE is a non profit origanization focused on getting the youth off the streets, and into art programs and studios.  

We devote our time to teaching the youth how to use their creativity, in order to create opportunity and hope where none seem to exist.

At the end of the day, the mission is very simple ; inspire the youth to be better than they were yesterday; through art, and entrepreneurship.

Basement Trybe works with youth (12-16 years old) seeking opportunity in the form of entrepreneurship and the arts. We provide a safe environment where everyone is encouraged to express themselves artistically while practicing life skills that will help them succeed as adults.

The program is currently run on Sundays from 2-6 PM with a curriculum focused on exposing the kids to different mediums of art on a weekly basis. At the half-way point of the program, the kids choose an individual project to work on to present at an event. The kids work together to curate the event, manage a budget, and market/promote via the Basement Trybe social media page. All proceeds from the event go towards funding the next wave of students.

Our goal is to expand our program into a five-day, after-school program with transportation included for our members. The program would be available during the school week, but students of the Basement Trybe would have a full membership to SelfMade Designs allowing them access to the facility from 12-8 PM on weekends.


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