The Art Spot, powered by SelfMade Designs is a unique art studio that serves to enrich creativity, nurture the imagination, and enable children of all ages to explore a variety of art modalities in a fun, supportive environment. Our mission is to Create Local Artists™ who want to learn, continue to be inspired, and sustain a love for art throughout their lives.

Our kid-friendly art studio provides various work spaces, resources, and art education to promote self-expression and the development of artistic skills. 

Our qualified art instructors are highly skilled and knowledgeable to provide quality instruction, personal guidance, and encouragement so children can learn and evolve their artistic talents.

We offer daily open studios, weekly group classes, school vacation programs and specialty workshops, as well as private lessons throughout the year. The Art Spot also offers its unique space and entertainment for hosting private parties and community events.

Let Your Child Discover The Art Spot Experience!